Projects that positively impact the global energy transition

At GLUON we are committed in helping entrepreneurs and existing businesses build companies and cutting edge projects that impact the global energy system transition in a real and lasting way

Who we are

Drawing on our decades of renewable energy, clean technology, transportation and financial market experience across sectors and countries, we identify and unlock opportunities to lead change and navigate the green transition

GLUON takes an active role in forming and seeding companies, infrastructure projects and investment vehicles, driving strategies and utilising a vast network of contact across the worlds of energy, mobility, built environments and finance

Through marrying investment and innovation, GLUON has been able offer essential solutions to some of the most obstructive barriers to the green transition

“A Gluon is an unobserved massless particle with what is believed to transmit the strong force between quarks, binding them together in a hadron”​

We strive to be the “glue” that binds and brings our stakeholders together to accelerate the race against climate change.​