Challenging what is possible in new and established sectors

An industrial holding company with strong synergies between underlying portfolio companies

COVID-19 could have a sustained influence on mobility, driving changes in the macroeconomic environment, regulatory trends, technology, and consumer behavior.

However, in this uncertain environment, investors must embrace mobility’s next normal, fostering innovation and cooperation. Skilled financial management will play an increasingly vital role as the economic pressures of the pandemic continue to be felt.

GLUON’s ability to identify opportunity and capture value in the new sustainable mobility value chain will be part of reshaping mobility’s future

Gluon Mobility Ventures Ltd. (“GMV”) as a way of consolidating our activities in the new mobility sector and to establish an industrial holding company for various business models in the new sustainable mobility value chain, with a core part of our active ownership approach being the ability to execute on a number of significant synergies between these business models.