Per Regnarsson Discusses Renewable Energy Investing With Absolute Return Podcast

Per Gives His Thoughts On Financing The Energy Transition

Gluon Managing Partner and ClimateRock CEO Pe Regnarsson sat down with Absolute Return to discuss renewable energy investing.

Per gives his thoughts on what specific types of opportunities ClimateRock is looking at, his thoughts on the current market environment, the outlook for sustainable investing as well as key segments of the sustainability sector that investors should have on their radar.

Absolute Return is a podcast for stock market analysis, global macro musings and hedge fund investment strategies.

ClimateRock is a special purpose acquisition company that plans to acquire strategic renewable assets and enabling technologies with large decarbonization potential and strong financial history and prospects.

Listen to the full podcast here:

Absolute Return Podcast #228: Renewable Energy Investing with ClimateRock CEO Per Regnarsson