Real innovation in a brave new world

We leverage over 100 years combined experience in the worlds of finance, infrastructure, technology and energy to drive the future of sustainability, industry and technology.

Gluon is committed in helping entrepreneurs and existing businesses build companies and cutting-edge projects that impact the global energy transition in a real and lasting way.

Services we provide

We provide support through strategy, M&A, corporate finance, capital structuring, private debt, project finance & asset finance.

  • Venture Investing

    We are active in helping fund entrepreneurs and early-stage companies with particular interest in mobility, new energies, deep tech and data.

  • Capital Markets

    We are active capital markets investors through numerous structures including SPAC’s, pre-IPO’s assisting investee companies with capital introductions to Institutional and Family Office Investors.

  • Fund Management

    We combine over 70 years’ experience in fund formation, back- and middle-office services, GP and board supervision of investment strategies across renewables, energy, mobility, and trading strategies.

  • Corporate Finance

    We invest into early stage and growth companies and support them through seed capital, growth, M&A and project finance ensuring that management are able to focus on execution.

Sectors we cover

Gluon addresses some of the world’s most pressing challenges, generating social, environmental and superior financial returns.

  • Hydrogen

    Gluon seeks to accelerate the clean hydrogen economy, making full use of hydrogen’s capabilities in tackling some of the most challenging obstacles to the energy transition. Hydrogen is an attractive option to decarbonize parts of the energy sector in which it would be problematic to implement electrification.

  • Mobility

    Gluon aims to providing the physical and digital infrastructure to facilitate to the transition to EVs and the New Urban Mobility System (Smart City). This includes underinvested charging infrastructure, niche OEMs, and a sustainable, decarbonised supply chain as well as digital solutions for the integration of energy and data management in mobility, buildings and the future smart cities.

  • Infrastructure

    Gluon is actively acquiring and developing strategic infrastructure assets for its investors. The Gluon team have financed over 8GW of renewables projects across the globe over the past decade and recognise the need for developers to be able to optimise their cost of capital and unburden them from time constraints of early stage development.

  • Data

    Gluon has invested into proprietary technology architecture aimed at consolidating its own assets and with a view to creating a broader platform through its smart city and energy related activities. The modern world creates more data than ever before but deciphering, untangling and formatting useful insights and metrics is going to be key in the new economy.

  • Natural Resources

    The transition to a low carbon economy will stimulate demand for critical metals. Gluon partners are focused on investing into minerals which are proximate to the “net zero carbon” theme. We focus on metals critical to technologies such as solar panels, wind turbines, electric vehicles, fuel cells and batteries which fundamentally depend upon deep conventional markets which are unlikely to be replaced, substituted or “thrifted”.

  • Strategy

    Gluon can provide Venture, Growth Capital, M&A and Project Financing to portfolio companies helping entrepreneurs and existing businesses build companies and cutting-edge projects. We can also leverage our experience in finance to help projects navigate their way to a public listing, including initial public offerings and special purpose acquisition companies.